BMW enthusiasts will be familiar with G-Power, that tuner that manages to tweak already fast BMWs to truly lofty heights. With succeeding generations of BMWs, including M variants, G-Power has established itself as a go to tuner when it comes to making big reliable power for BMWs.

A recent press release by the tuner must have raised a few eyebrows, because G-Power announced in it a power upgrade kit for the BMW M3. Given that the E46 M3 is a couple of generations down the line, one would not expect the tuner to come up with a kit for the E46 M3. But it has. Using a supercharger, G-Power has bumped this M3’s output to 440 plus horsepower, which is reportedly good for 300 km/h. Together with this power upgrade, the tuner is also offering a brake upgrade and a wheel package. If one looks to purchase all the options in this package, the cost would come out to a little over 21,000 Euros. With such an amount, we don’t think many enthusiasts will go this route, considering that there are even higher output kits that cost less but are just as reliable. Still, it’s heartwarming to see that this now-classic M3 hasn’t been forgotten by premium tuners like G-Power.

See G-Power’s setup here.

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